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Apply Loan Auto is a group of bad credit car loans specialists who go the extra mile to get your loan approved by our lenders.  Prior to submitting your auto loan for approval we must verify your credit situation and gain a deeper understanding so that we can uncover how to help you not only get driving but also helping you improve your credit rating.

“Yes it is true, that we specialize in providing car loan approvals but we also offer credit recovery, renewal, and rebuilding programs to help you improve your credit situation going into the future.”

It is no secret that we can get you approved, however our goals are tied to yours so we utilize our expertise in helping you get the most competitive rates to suit your current lifestyle. Keeping you at ease is an accomplishment for us therefore the sooner you choose to act the faster we will be able to provide you with your auto loan.

 Getting you approved for your car loan is easy, quick and simple – connect with us to find out how we can craft real solutions for you today.

 Don’t Let Your Past Effect Your Future

Despite your credit rating our team can get you easily approved at competitive rates for your auto loan. We will provide you with a range of financing options that are well suited based on your financial situation.

We utilize our healthy relationships with the financial institutions who are on the same page with us when it comes to getting you approved. Our association of dealers makes it easy for you to have pleny of choice and  a great deal of satisfaction from the  brands of cars you trust.

Subprime Financing

Subprime auto financing combines the guarantees of buy here pay here with the best cars you would otherwise only buy if you had bank financing. Subprime banks specialize in high risk auto loans so those who want to purchase a reliable car and build up their credit can have that second chance; which is why this option is often called second chance auto financing. There are few stipulations for subprime financing although most pertain to the year of the vehicle. Other stipulations will include time on the job and the validity of a steady income source.

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